Monday, December 17, 2007

creature design final

Ha! the last one... Damn~this class sucks up my HP!!
But I had fun though... and good classmates, really enjoy seeing everyone's creature each week.
And thank my classmate for correcting my english every week, hahaha!!


Jelter said...

nice work, i like the highly appropriate name!

carissa said...

ohhh i love this character~
i've always liked how you paint your animals.
great design and color!

liweihuang said...

cool o!
I like it !^________^

Ed Ko said...

kept seeing your stuffs at powell. you must be the wildlife superstar,lol.

Terry Song said...

wow, Aaron, I really like it...great design and great choice of colors, man=)

Matias Hyde said...

Hi! Wow, hahaha, I really love this creature! Excellent, indeed!
Cheers from Madrid!

Elika Spalding(杉本エリカ) said...

so many cool creatures! are these for your project? your character design is so interesting and cute!
Anyway, I finaly log in to my account today...^^;